January 2016: I'm currently working on this, so don't be surprised if it's broken.



Please wait for samples to load. Each blue audiosquare represents a different audio clip. Click a square to hear its audio. Click the same square again to layer another instance of the audio over the original. Click another square to layer that square's audio over any other audio that is playing. By clicking the audiosquares, you can build a soundscape that ebbs and flows as each sound reaches its end, and new ones begin. MUKEBOX currently provides 16 layers of asynchronous audio.

Each of the audiosquares can be set to loop. All instances of a square's audio will repeat ad infinitum, if that square is set to loop. Toggling looping off for a square allows any audio belonging to that square to play to conclusion. The LOOP control's squares depict the audiosquares. Toggle them to loop any or all audiosquares.

Beware, MUKEBOX V1.1 is still very early in development. It's been around a few years now, previously using WAV sources, which were low bit-rate and mono, negatively affecting the overall sound quality. MP3 audio is now used as the browser support is there. The source samples will soon be updated with lush stereo replacements. Looping and UI will soon be fully functional.
Not all browsers are supported. Tested in Chrome alone (hoho). Concept & initial code thanks to Thomas Sturm.

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